APEK Projects

APEK members have the opportunity to choose from a number of interesting projects who supports their business. The most popular are trustmark APEK – Certifikovany obchod (included in Ecommerce Europe Trustmark project), professional webinars and workshops (more than 40 per year), APEK Terms and Conditions (free downloadable document for members and non-members too), market studies (Czech E-commerce Study, Cross-border sales studies, Logistics etc.), basic legal support, legislative news and documents. Every year APEK members can discover at least one new project focused on their development and support.

"I am glad that thanks to my active involvement in APEK I can share mutual experiences with other businessmen in e-commerce. Every year I look forward to the conference E-Business Forum, where I meet with all the important people in our industry."

Ing. Ondřej Fryc,
CEO Netretail Holding, B.V., předseda dozorčí rady Internet Mall, a.s.

"APEK´s studies and researches helped me on many occassions and important business decisions. I appreciate that APEK is a comprehensive platform for sharing information and interesting data."

Martin Kasa,
Předseda předsednictva, zakladatel Pilulka.cz

"APEK is the right place where I can meet other entrepreneurs who want to develop their online business. Even new e-retailers have their place in APEK and they can find a lot of inspiration there."

Jakub Havrlant,
CEO Rockaway

"Our employees attend many APEK workshops and seminars. Also due to those events our company is moving forward. We appreciate a legal information service provided by APEK to all members which helps us to be clear in this area."

Martin Rozhoň,
Místopředseda předsednictva, CEO Vivantis.cz

"Actual and complete news and information from APEK helps me to develop my business. APEK communicate with the government administration on behalf of the e-commerce and provide us as a member with the most important information, so I can save my time."

Tomáš Čupr,
Člen předsednictva, CEO Rohlik.cz

Events and networking

  • E-commerce Study (yearly) – Over 100 pages full of extremely interesting information and data prepared in co-operation with Nielsen agency. The most important e-questions are answered by more than 1,500 respondents – customers. The study is prepared yearly since 2010.
  • APEK Cross-border market studies - Since 2019 APEK prepares at least one cross-border market study. Every study is prepared as a "manual" - from basic data about the state and market, over the legal duties up to the details. What kind of delivery do the customers prefer? What payment method should not be missed on our on-line shop? Who are my competitors on the market? Answers for those questions and much more are included in every cross-border market study. APEK members can discover Hungary, Poland, Romania, Germany and Austria now. All studies are in English.

APEK provides the members (and also non-members) with many kinds of events. Starting from seminars, webinars and workshops up to the conference or EU Days focused on the other morkets in Europe. The association also supports a lot of events such as E-Business Forum, Czech On-line Expo, E-commerce Berlin and many others. 

Main APEK Events

  • APEK Event+
  • APEK EU Day
  • APEK webinars and seminars
  • APEK legal workshops

Legal and public affairs are one of the pillars of APEK´s activites. Both communication with the Czech government regarding new proposals and with our members about the legislative news are important. Members are able to use for example:

  • Monthly legal newsletter
  • Legal overviews on new legislation
  • Detailed analysis on importatnt issues
  • QA on the key questions (based on members demands)

APEK Terms and Conditions

In co-operation with law office MKA Nosko APEK offers free Terms and Conditions prepared for Czech on-line shops. These Terms and Conditions are available to download for free at www.apek.cz.

Co-operation with Czech and EU administration

APEK represents Czech e-commerce during meetings with Czech and EU administration such as ČOI, EU Commission etc.